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is a self contained extruded aluminum display shelf for your toy train collection. It is engineered to support the heaviest of toy train locomotives and has been heat treated for strength. The anodized finish is durable and easy to maintain. The shiny finish illuminates the tops of the trains on lower shelves, making details clearly visable. A non-shiny finish will not provide this feature, although Rail Rax ® have been painted, powder coated, and re-anodized with a dark finish by train collectors.
installation is simple. It can be fastened directly to the wall studs without the use of any brackets. There is a small groove on the back of the shelf to use in aligning the mounting holes. Once installed, the rails hold the trains in place.
is available in combination O gauge, combination HO/S, and combination #1/ G/ Standard/O gauges. It is available in 6 foot lengths only, but with the use of a connecting pin longer lengths can be obtained. Rail Rax ® is easily cut with a hand or power saw. The factory can cut shorter custom lengths for $1/per cut. Instructions for installing Rail Rax ® are sent with each order and thoroughly explain the use of connecting pins.
prices: HO/S gauge - $15.00 per 6 ft. section
O gauge - $19.50 per 6 ft. section
#1/ G/ Standard/O - $28.00 per 6 ft. section
Shipping is additional and will be by FedEx Ground or UPS Ground unless otherwise requested. Shipping is calculated by web site when ordering online.

Shown here are the actual sizes of Rail Rax®:

Fasteners: Recommended size - #10 x 1 1/2" sheet metal screws. Round head, truss head or pan head may be used, they are available at hardware stores.

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